CBD to Ease Stress and Anxiety

The use of Cannabidiol (CBD) may be the cure for stress in the upcoming future.

This therapeutic compound found in the aromatic flower of cannabis contains no illegal properties that prove to have harmful effects.

Many consumers of CBD have claimed it helps with muscle pains, sleeplessness, anxiety, and much more.

Even celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Martha Stuart, and Willie Nelson are already aware of the benefits CBD provides that they have their own CBD line in the works.

shallow focus photography of cannabis plant

Photo by Michael Fischer on Pexels.com

My experience with the use of CBD had taken place at the Sweatshop located in Williamsburg of Brooklyn New York.

The place projected a spiffy yet minimalist style which brings it the perfect lounge vibe to have a meal and coffee.

I had made the simple order of a latte with the addition of CBD oil added alongside my partner in crime who can’t get enough of her Chia Latte.

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The caffeine from coffee would normally give me a nice release of dopamine and boost of energy; however, the addition of CBD brought a more pleasing experience.

More or less I didn’t have a jolt of energy but a tranquil sensation poured throughout my body. Suddenly, the shrugged and tension in my shoulders (that I was acutely unaware of by the way) dissolved and dropped, and with a clearer mind, my conversations flowed better.

I would have to say I do find enjoyment with CBD and with the benefits that come along with it. CBD proves to be booming in the market now, and according to Rachel Peachman’s article on Consumer Reports, parents are already using CBD for their children who may suffer seizures, autism, and even anxiety.

For those who are seeking the benefits cannabis provides without the THC, that offers high effects, I would say CBD is the way to go.

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