Keto Coffee

For those who are on the keto diet may already be aware of the widespread trend of the Bulletproof coffee, organic coffee when mixed with grass-fed butter and MCT oil burns fat as fuel to help lose weight!

For one who loves indulging in a good cup of coffee every now and then, I came across bulletproof coffee through this Youtube video below and had to try it.

You can check out his story from how he went from over 200lbs to 150lbs by simply drinking bulletproof coffee every day.

Yet, comes to find out Bulletproof coffee improves cognitive function along with burning fat.

To be honest, I thought I’d become Bradly Cooper in Limitless. Although it would be unlikely, I was motivated to try it out and went to the nearest Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to purchase the products used:

brain octane.jpg

After three weeks of using Bulletproof, here are a few things I discovered:


I found my mornings to be immensely productive and got more work done than I normally would if I were to just drink regular caffeinated coffee.

I had a significant amount of clarity and focus within just a week of using Bulletproof.

The grass fed-butter is great to get more healthy fat intake in your diet and aid in your weight loss.

A noticeable change I had was in my physique. I burned more fat and packed on muscle  going from 150lbs to 145lbs in just three weeks!

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I found myself having to wake up an hour earlier to prep. From brewing to blending the coffee with MCT oil it did take quite a while to enjoy a cup of joe.

Did it suppress my hunger? Ehh somewhat. I would have the drink at around 8 a.m. and feel hungry around 11 a.m. and would end up drinking water until lunch just to eat.

Most importantly, you only go into ketosis if you remain on the keto diet.

You would reap the most benefits of integrating the Bulletproof coffee along being on the keto diet. If you are not on the keto diet you are better off mimicking the process by intermittent fasting.


At the end of the day, I enjoyed the keto lifestyle!

I felt and looked better than I had previously in just a short amount of time.

If you have tried or are going to try buttered coffee leave a comment below of your experience to let us know what you think and how it went!

2 thoughts on “Keto Coffee

  1. Ben says:

    Would I be able to get the same effect if I used a butter substitute or maybe coconut oil in my coffee? I usually fast until noon but , I’ll give it a try if I can make it vegan

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    • merakiinfinite says:

      Coconut oil is perfect actually. The purpose is to include more healthy fats into the diet. I’m not aware if the taste of your coffee will effect the taste but I say it’s worth a try


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