5 Best Home Exercise Equipment to Get Your Body Leaner and Stronger

Whether you can’t afford a gym membership or simply enjoy being in the comfort of you home but want to get that dream body, you wont have to worry any further. Your dream body can be made right in your home with little to no cost!

Working out at home brings along it’s benefits too:

  • You don’t have to rush to the gym an hour before it closes to get a workout in, you can simply wake up and bang out some reps!
  • You don’t have to wait next in line for a squat rack
  • You can workout in your home without the cheesy pop music played at gyms
  • You don’t have to smell everyone else’s odors
  • Most importantly, you’ll save more money without a gym membership

So to begin making your home into a private gym, here are the top 5 best home exercise equipment to get going.

Yoga Mat


When it comes to yoga mats, the Sivan Yoga Mat is greatly recommended. In comparison to the standard yoga mats, Sivan Yoga Mats prove to be extremely comfortable for yoga and body-weight exercises with a 1/3″ thickness, and is best if you are seeking a lasting yoga mat that is inexpensive.

I’ve put my mat through hell and back with all the pounding exercises, and to my surprise it remains in spectacular condition. You can grab a Sivan Yoga Mat available in 8 vibrant colors to your liking!

Pull Up Bar


If you are looking for a great workout for upper body , this portable Pull Up Bar is best for targeting your abs, back, shoulders, and arms.

It can be used for pull ups and push ups with a close and wide grip variation, able to hold up to 300lbs and can be easily installed in your doorway. It guarantees a limited lifetime warranty in addition to your purchase.

 Resistant Bands


You can add more intensity to your normal body-weight exercises by including Limm Resistant Bands.

They offer different resistant levels to help strengthen and tone up. Just wrap it around your thighs or ankles and start squatting. The quality for its price is worth it so you wont find this resistant band breaking any time soon.

Foam Roller


The TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller aids in relieving knots and tight muscles and is great for it’s durability and convenient for its compact size of 5.5-inches in diameter and 13-inches long.

At the gym or at home I use a roller to relieve tightness in my back and it feels amazing. So if you are seeking something to allow a increase in muscle recovery and relief this is a must.

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Jump Rope

jump.jpgWhen it’s cardio day the KING ATHLETIC Jump Rope is awesome to use to shed fat fast. Jump roping is a go to for athletes and prove to burn more calories than jogging on multiple occasions.

Iv’e had my fair share with jump ropes wearing out and snapping eventually, but this jump rope is heavy duty and built to last.

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