Water Fast for Weight Loss

BE ADVISED: I do not recommend fasting for everyone, especially if you are pregnant, under 18 or possess any medical issues.

I’m sure you are very aware of the term intermittent fasting as it has been known for the past few years due to its well known benefit of weight loss through refraining from food (or simply starving).

Once a week I consciously participate in a 24 hour water fast to reap its benefits.  I use this sports water bottle (much like the image above) every, single, DAY. My girlfriend and I made a goal to eventually live 100% plastic free, so we started with a water bottle that is BPA free and durable to remain eco-friendly and budget friendly! What I enjoy the most is the convenience of tracking my water intake throughout the day. I normally reach to drink a oz per pound of body weight to stay well hydrated, and being that the bottle is 32oz I tend to refill it two to three times a day (warning, the consequence is constant trips to the bathroom).

However, if you do not prefer drinking out of any form of plastic, I would recommend this glass water bottle which also includes a time marked measurement on the bottle itself to monitor your daily water intake.

Before I get into tips for doing a 24 hour water fast, here a few benefits it offers more than just weight loss:

  • Increase in cognitive function
  • Clarity
  • Regulation in insulin and blood sugar
  • Enhanced growth hormone
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Clear skin
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Tip 1: Stay Busy

Very important especially if you are not used to fasting, your mind and body will tempt you eat but do not give in.

Fasting on a busy day can be very helpful to keep your mind off . If its a day with little to nothing to do find something to keep you preoccupied like reading a book, taking a walk, or spending time with friends.

Tip 2: Exercise

In a 24 hour fast I still exercise for the fact I find it more comfortable to workout on an empty stomach. The body will then target stored fat as a result for using energy, and at the same time, the spike in growth hormone can aid in muscle growth as well, so don’t knock working out in a fasted state more often.

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Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

Tip 3: Cease Fasting If You Feel Unwell

Keep a snack on deck if any feeling of weakness or discomfort, uneasy or irritability occurs that prevents you from going on with your day.

I suggest ceasing the fast at that point to prevent any harm to yourself or anyone else.

Tip 4: Stay Hydrated

Its quite easy to get dehydrated from fasting that results in headaches, dry mouth, or even fatigue. It is a water fast so you want to stay super hydrated from beginning to end.

Tip 5: Ease Back Into Eating After the Fast

Binge eating after a fast is not recommended for you may end up eating over your calorie deficit and lead to worse conditions of feeling discomfort.

Start off by eating something small or a regular meal, and include enough protein and whole foods to prevent muscle loss while also reducing hunger.


Fasting is proven to boost health and quality of life, and like me, others make it a lifestyle because of it, but remember it is not for everyone so listen to your body throughout 24 hour fast. You can find more information on Katie`s All About Fasting  blog where she has an entire blog about the ins and outs of fasting.


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